There was a time when there were so many brands, types, and flavors of Sparkling Beverages that it was almost impossible to get retail exposure and most products, many excellent, went by the way side. Shrinking business opportunities put many of them out of business.

Today the beverage market offers the consumer two types of sparkling soft drinks: Sugar Saturated and Sugar Free and most if not all are being made with very harmful cancer causing sweeteners namely Aspartame and Nutra Sweet. All Natural Flavors was introduced with no comparable competition; the only beverage consumers can purchase sweetened 100% with “Stevia”. Doors are opening quickly as we move far ahead of any other Sugar Free soft drink sold today no matter who the manufacturer is.

We created All Natural Flavors to help battle two of America’s biggest challenges, Child Obesity, and the millions of both adults and children suffering with and dying from Diabetes. Our goal is to offerGOOD FOR YOU, BETTER FOR YOU beverage and food products that are safer and healthier alternatives to the main stream products available.

Some of the Facts:

A total of 25.8 million Adults and Children in the United States suffers with Diabetes
8.3% of the total population and it is growing at alarming rates.
18.8 million are Diagnosed and another 7 million are Undiagnosed.
79 million people are aware they are in danger and are considered Pre-diabetic.
In 2010 there were 1.9 million “NEW CASES” of Diabetes diagnosed in people aged 20 and older.
What is impossible to predict are the millions of people who have Diabetes and have no idea!

Under 20 years of age / 215,000, or 0.26% of all people in this age group have diabetes
About 1 in every 400 children and adolescents has diabetes
Age 20 years or older / 25.6 million, or 11.3% of all people in this age group have diabetes
Age 65 years or older / 10.9 million, or 26.9% of all people in this age group have diabetes
Men / 13.0 million, or 11.8% of all men aged 20 years or older have diabetes
Women / 12.6 million, or 10.8% of all women aged 20 years or older have diabetes

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